Hűtés- és klímatechnikai berendezések értékesítés, szerviz
Schneider Electric


Reynolds Commercial and Engineering Office Kft. Was founded in 2011 by Building Engineers with a solid professional background and ten-years experience. Founding members are not only owners but also active leaders of the business. This is a guarantee of our flexibility and fast response time, as our customers are in direct contact with decision-makers. In addition to serving our existing partners, it is also important for us to build new relationships. The measure of our success is our customers' satisfaction. We believe that ethical market conduct is the cornerstone of any long-term and reliable business relationship.

The scope of the activities of our company can be divided into two parts. On the one hand, our main profile is IT cooling, but we are at the disposal of our clients in project management with complete IT infrastructure, including uninterruptible power supply UPS, power distribution PDU, rack systems, raised floor systems, EMC shielding, fire protection system and IT cabling.

On the other hand, Regarding our refrigeration products, we sell, install and service Chillers, CRAC units, Inrow Coolers and Fancoils. We are engaged in commercial activities through the sale of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. This primarily means the distribution of Schneider Electric equipment that was previously known under the Uniflair brand. Uniflair chillers and Uniflair air conditioners have been a market-leading product in precision air conditioning. This factory was acquired in 2011 by Schneider Electric. So now most of the equipment we sell is Schneider Electric chillers and Schneider Electric air conditioners.We are one of the key System Integrator Partner Company of Schneider Electric in Hungary.