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Schneider Electric

Services from design to maintenance

Reynolds Ltd. was founded in 2011 with a focused focus on industrial, technological and IT Cooling. We also strive to fully cover the needs of this segment with our services. Over time, we have expanded our services with other IT infrastructure elements, trading, installation and operation of systems (UPS uninterruptible power supply, PDU power distribution, EMC electromagnetic shielding, fire protection systems, rack and raised floor systems) according to clients needs. In this way, we provide complex solutions to our partners, from the preparation of plans through the delivery of equipment and complex construction to systems start up and professional, documented maintenance. As an officially dedicated System Integrator Partner, we primarily sell and service Schneider Electric equipment. In addition, we sell products from other manufacturers directly and also act as an independent service center in the whole of the country.

IT cooling

This is one of the our most serious and complex knowledge-intensive segments. Schneider Electric is developing its equipment specifically for this market, and inheriting the experience of the former Uniflair plant, it is still one of the market leaders in the field of IT Cooling. Its product range shows a corresponding complexity, so the following product ranges belong here without the need for completeness:

As a market leader, Schneider Electric uses today's state-of-the-art and advanced technology solutions to find the optimal balance between efficiency and environmental protection. Its own developments and unique technological solutions set the manufacturer apart from its competitors [Intelligent Free-Cooling, chillers with Turbocor compressors with integrated free-cooling, chillers with integrated free-cooling based on full inverter technology, inverter screw compressor, Air Economizer, Trim Cooling (dynamically controlled cooling water temperature), etc.]. Server air conditioners used in server room cooling, server cooling and rack cooling - which already control humidity - also have innovations such as a design optimized for high water temperature, Direct Free-Cooling, full inverter technology, AFC (automatic differential pressure control), indirect free-cooling, etc.

In the field of IT cooling, we try to provide the most complex service possible for our customers. In the planning phase, we help with the selection with professional advice and expected annual plant forecasts and plan the chosen solution. In addition to cooling solutions, we also offer solutions in the field of EMC (electromagnetic) shielding, fireprotection and power supply.

Industrial cooling, technological cooling

Chillers and air-conditioning cabinets developed for high-priority server room environments are also familiar for industrial and technological applications. Their most important feature is unconditional reliability, so they are designed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. High efficiency is also a defining feature, so most process chillers are available with integrated inverter technology (integrated free cooling) with full inverter technology. Common applications for process chillers and precision air conditioners are automotive factories, measurement laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, manufacturing halls, and all manufacturing technologies where reliability (availability) and high efficiency are paramount. In addition to industrial chillers, we also offer thermal fans, anti-stratification fans and fan coils.

Comfort cooling

One of the most common cooling uses is comfort cooling. We also typically offer solutions for comfort cooling of office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and larger facilities. Schneider Electric and MTA chillers, Atisa and Reventon thermal fans, Atisa Fan-coils make up the majority of our equipment in this segment.

Service and workmanship

Our company primarily provides brand service for the products we sell, but we are also present as a general service in all areas of the country. In the field of refrigeration, we are the official Hungarian brand service of Schneider Electric in Hungary. Accordingly, our colleagues are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Similarly, we provide APC, MTA, Atisa and Reventon branded service. We also take part in constructions, where we primarily undertake the system-level construction and commissioning of the equipment we sell.

Distributed products

Schneider Electric Schneider Electric:
Precision CRAC units
Telekom air-conditioning units
Modular active floor system
Server room power distributors (PDU)

Inrow precision air conditioner
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Rack Systems

Atisa Atisa:
Anti-lamination fans



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