Hűtés- és klímatechnikai berendezések értékesítés, szerviz
Schneider Electric

EMC protection

Sources of electromagnetic interference can be found almost everywhere, our aim to protect against this. We provide protection in a wide frequency range, according to needs (50Hz-5GHz). We still give the best quality in the domestic market with our precise work, the names of our colleagues are familiar in the profession.

Our colleagues have more than twenty years of experience in the design and construction of EMC protected rooms.

The main activities of our company are the implementation of low and high frequency EMC protection of server rooms, MRI, ultrasonic medical operators, transformer rooms, modular and conventional measuring laboratories, eavesdropping-free meeting rooms from design to construction. As a side activity, we deal with the distribution, production and certification of shielded fabric, EMC protected doors, mains and low current filters.

We certify the conformity of our works with a measurement report.