Hűtés- és klímatechnikai berendezések értékesítés, szerviz
Schneider Electric

Cooling service

Among our services, we primarily provide Schneider Electric's official certified cooling brand service in Hungary. This includes the installation of Schneider Electric chillers and precision air conditioners that we sell and the associated leak testing. It also includes occasional or scheduled maintenance, repairs, and factory replacement of equipment during and beyond the warranty period.

In addition to Schneider Electric air-conditioning units, we also undertake professional and complete service of equipment from other manufacturers for chillers, precision air-conditioners and fan coils.

In connection with our construction works, we primarily carry out the assembly of the cooling equipment we sell (chiller, fan-coil, precision air-conditioning unit, etc.). We undertake the mechanical construction of complete server rooms and measuring laboratories. Technological cooling construction even in tool factories, injection molding or wineries. Respectively, we undertake the implementation of cooling systems for office buildings, shopping centers and other public buildings that require comfort cooling.

During our maintenance work, we try to establish our employment relationship with our customers within the framework of a contract. This includes the frequency of maintenance and our availability according to the needs of our customers, as well as our hourly rates for the non-warranty period. 0-24 hours duty on the 365 days of the year.

In cases where it is not possible to enter into a contract, we also undertake to perform occasional maintenance. Our maintenance is of a preventive nature, which we perform not only to reassure our customers but also to ensure the long-term operation of their equipment and to prevent possible failures. Our maintenance work is also performed by a certified Schneider Elecetric service team. Our colleagues participate in official Schneider Electric service trainings.

In addition to the above services, we assist our existing and future customers with on-site surveys and engineering consulting upon request. In the course of our work we try to find the most optimal solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers with the best possible technical content.